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Randomness From Beyond

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I'm a fangirl of yaoi, yuri and het. That's right, all three. I spend most of my time on fanfiction.net (aka, the Pit), youtube, and neopets. I have a gaia account as well (two, actually), but I don't go on as often as I used to. I'm almost always reading. If anyone wants to contact me, I'll be on youtube as SakuraLaurel. Just pm me or something and I'll get it in the next couple of days.

I like a variety of anime and fanfiction, but my favorite will forever be Yugioh. It combines three of my favorite things: Japan, Egypt, and shounen-ai (you don't have to look real hard for it. Puzzleshipping is practically canon). Of course, with almost all the main characters being guys, it's a little hard to avoid shipping them with each other. Seriously, there are three girls in Yugioh, and one of them is WAY underage. Unless you count Mana as a main character. She kind of is in the Memory Arc.

I'm rambling a bit. I do that from time to time.

I'm kinda bored now, so I'll probably put more in here later. Or not. I also tend to procrastinate a lot. If anyone wants to know more about me, just pm me or something. You can find me practically anywhere.

Youtube: SakuraLaurel
Gaia: Sakura-Laurel_Belladonna or Akumu-no-Kami
Neopets: xPuzzleshippingx
Fanfiction.net: Belladonna Goddess Chloe
Various MMORPGs: Belladonna666 or Belladonna6669
Yahoo: sakura_laurel666@yahoo.com
Google: sakuralaurel666@gmail.com
FlashFlash Revolution: Belladonna666
Adultfanfiction.net: 18+ kiddos. But when has that ever stopped the them? Sakura-Laurel
Deviantart: Sakura-Laurel
Sailormoon.com: Clomister

I'm pretty sure that's it. Anything else I'm on, you probably don't wanna know about. Or maybe you do... ~_^ lol.